Friday, April 17, 2015

Yngwie Matsumoto in the Land of the Rising Sunny

There is a magic place. It's in a faraway land where they talk in little pictures and wear benches for shoes. I don't know the name of this place, but it has a fried egg on the wall, and all they ever play there is Sunny by Bobby Hebb. That's it. It's like heaven on Earth for a guy like me. Well, except for the bass and drum solos, I mean. With thumb and slap bass, at that, another abomination. But still. Sunny !

I tried to translate the hieroglyphics on the YouTube page to see what this lost tribe of my brethren was trying to say to me, but all the translator could come back with was: "Fast Playing Session." I'll say. It's like he had to go home early, so he's trying to get in all the notes as fast as he can. He must be working piecework.

As I was saying, this is a magical place. It is my Xanadu. It is my Shangri-La. It proves me right, that Sunny by Bobby Hebb is the Official Cover Song of the Twenty-Teens. The fried egg on the wall signals only one thing: Sunny is coming.


Sam L. said...

Well, the egg is sunny-side up; I'll give you that. The singing, such as it is, is rotten-side up.

My fear, though, is that you, Mr. Sippi, have NOT reached the bottom of the barrel, and are not even close to it. The bottom, that is; I KNOW you're inside the barrel.

Matt said...


chasmatic said...

My uncle Letsgo Lozko told me to beware of the man who only plays one song because he sure will know how to play it.

Like this drywaller I worked some jobs with, he could whistle Purple Haze.

Shore? lost sight of it days ago.

Leslie said...

Your adorable wife told me it is only 10 degrees below normal. It will be sunny any minute. Hang on!!