Sunday, April 05, 2015

Sunny Needs a Real Bass Player Real Quick

With all due respect to Ron Carter, who was accompanying Bobby Hebb in the first Sunny video we posted, we need some greezy bass playing in our Sunny covers. The Official Cover Song of the Twenty-Teens needs more bottom, I say. Not sure about cowbell. Jamiroquai's somewhat nameless bass player, from their performance at what I gather is a live show at Covent Garden in Londinium in 2000, is certainly gittin her dun.

Jamiroquai is my kind of band. They're not anything. They're everything. I tried to figure out who was playing the bass on this recording. It looks like Nick Fyffe, who was amusingly on his way to apply for a job in a Jamiroquai tribute band when Jamiroquai called him and asked him to join.

Jamiroquai's Wikipedia page lists a didgeridoo player that was in the band for seven years. That's a good gig for a didgeridoo player. If you're driving on a deserted West Texas highway, and you see a dead armadillo and a dead didgeridoo player squashed flat in the middle of the road, what's the main difference between them?

Well, there's a slight possibility that the dead armadillo might have been on his way to a paying music job when he got run over.


Sam L. said...

This guy in the pitcher is clearly not a dedicated runner, and is likely hot-headed, but hey, those are or may be minor complaints (certainly likely, being less than 18 and even more less than 21). That sound is kinda smoove. Yeah, need more bass, not to mention a drum solo of 3-5 minutes.

chasmatic said...

The bass player musta been gettin' paid by the note.

The good ones, it's what they leave out that makes 'em good.

Anonymous said...

Your evil, scorched-earth methods are, lamentably, beginning to have an impact...I'm actually starting to dig the tune.