Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Scusi, Ma Sunny è la Canzone Copertura Ufficiale del Decennio

Mi dispiace, but the Montefiori Cocktail version of Sunny is so hot you need a fire distinguisher just to listen to it. This version is sure to plummet to the top of our listings of the Official Cover Song of the Twenty-Teens. This version is unparalyzed in the history of the song. These guys don't sing through their noses, they sing using their diagrams like they teach you in mucus school. I'll sing their praises until the undertaker reads my last will and tentacle.

Monetefiori Cocktail


tirane93 said...

you have entirely too much fun writing these funny sunny posts.

i have entirely too much fun reading them.

i hope the Powers That Be don't find out.

Sam L. said...

"...they sing using their diagrams like they teach you in mucus school."

I'm tellin' you, Mr. Sippi, you'd improve these posts if you'd watch a buncha Bowery Boys movies and take dictation lessons from Slip Mahoney. One, well, it just ain't enuf! That 'last will and tentacle' riff shows you are on the right Track 9 thru Anaheim, Azusa, and Cuuuuuuuuuc-hamonga to The Bowery and Brooklyn.

I gots fate in you; I know you can do it. Keep up da good woik.

chasmatic said...

Wait a minute, spread out. I gotta perambulate the perimeter.

I don't believe I want to be that civilized, but thank you anyway. - Hoot Gibson.