Saturday, April 04, 2015

Robert Mitchum Here

Listen, youse. Every motherloving one of ya. Don't make me tell you twice or there's gonna be trouble. My kind of trouble. Bad trouble. Listen up. Sunny by Bobby Hebb is the Official Cover Song of the Twenty-Teens, and don't you forget it, lover.

This isn't some making nice with Deborah Kerr in some picket fence movie guy talking now. This is Max Cady you're speakin' with. Sunny is IT, brother, and don't let me hear nothing from nobody that says different -- or I'm coming for you, I'm coming for your dog, I'm coming for your wife, I'm coming for your whole family. Sunny. Get it through your thick skulls. Yeah, I'm talking to you.


chasmatic said...

As soon as I discovered that Lawrence Welk didn't cover this song I lost interest.

If it can't be played on an accordion it ain't much of a song.

walt reed said...

Bob always did it different. But real.

vanderleun said...

Dear Sipp:


EarlW said...

I think the original Bobby Hebb version is best.

PS: Every time you post another version of Sunny, it starts to snow again, here in Quebec.

Maybe 'Baby It's Cold Outside' will help bring us some warmer temperatures...

Sam L. said...

Yassah, yassah, three bags full!
(Now running from seriously demented person what shalt not be named, or maned, or sumpin.)

Johnny Glendale said...

I think this one seals it. Case closed.

chasmatic said...

You can say one thing: Robert Mitchum sure liked his dream weed.

He liked his muggles.

Oh. I guess that's two things.