Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Datfunk Is Featuring Vasilis Xenopoulos! That Makes it a Sunny Day

I hadn't heard from Vasilis Xenopoulos in ages. Or about him. Or around him. Or something.

As you have probably guessed, when I heard that Datfunk was playing at the Afrikana Bar, I immediately decided to drive on over there. Or fly on over there. I dunno, swim there, maybe. Anyway, as soon as I figure out where it is, I'm there. Well, in spirit. I know Datfunk is trying to lure me from my lair by featuring Vasilis Xenopoulos on the saxophone. What grown-up can withstand the gravitational pull of that? I ask you. Vasily, or Vaseline, or whatever his name is, is world-renowned by several people. Dude can blow.

I don't know anything. I admit it. I don't know where the Afrikana Bar is. I don't know who Vagisil is. I don't know if those are Christmas lights or Kwanzaa lights hanging in the background. But two things I do know: Bobby Hebb's Sunny is the Official Cover Song of the Twenty-Teens, and I'd kill four innocent drummers to get my hands on that drummer's Stax/Volt T-shirt.

OK, I know three things. That last line was silly. There is no such thing as an "innocent drummer."


Sam L. said...

The Spare needs a beard like that drummer. It'll look silly on him, but he'll grow into it.

chasmatic said...

Speaking of Unorganized Hancock, when will we be treated to their version of this ubiquitous tune?

Or shall we wait until they are "twenty-teens" and adopt their own official cover song?

And from recently un-classified lyrics files due to statute of limitations expiry we have:

Blinded by the light,
revved up like a deuce,
another runner in the night

walt reed said...

I hope you intend to do a lengthy spread on the 1984 National Anthem
" I Can't Drive 55. "