Saturday, March 07, 2015

Real Men of Genius, Chapter Eleventy-Two: Creatividad con Sencillez

The title means: creativity with simplicity. I'm not sure it qualifies, really. If all you're trying to do is keep the cows from getting out of the enclosure every time someone drives through, it would be much simpler to kill all the cows right away and then eat them.

I'm here to help. If you have a problem that requires creativity with simplicity, let me know. I've often overheard people remarking on how creative and simple I am, so it must be true.


leelu said...

Sip: Glad you're back. Your fill-in was getting a bit 'out there'.

Sam L. said...

Is there bow-wahr between the gateposts and the fence posts,or is there an electric force field? I'd always been told that cows wouldn't walk over a cattle gate, and they can't see the difference between a real cattle gate and one that's just painted on.

Still, that's an elegant solution.