Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Great Moments In Advertising, Chapter 11: Proofreading

That's kind of a personal question, there, Bub.

This was in the mail today.

I don't know what it's like at your house, but we don't get any mail to speak of anymore. Even junk mail like this is rarity.  The postman drives his route, and stops in front of our house, but he generally doesn't get out of the mail truck. There's a pause, and then he drives on.

I remember a story I was taught in school when I was a little boy:
An old man delivers milk every day on a wagon pulled by the same horse. Many years go by, and all the other delivery drivers marvel at how the old man and the old horse are able to make their rounds so precisely and reliably. After a while they figure that the horse could even make the rounds without any direction from the driver. The owner of the business tries to make the old driver retire, out of respect for his age, but the driver refuses because he says he loves the horse.

One day, the driver comes to work and finds out his horse has died from old age. They offer the driver another horse, but he refuses, and walks out the door into the street and is immediately struck and killed by a truck. It was only then that they understood that the driver had been blind for many years.
I don't want to be the one to break it to the Post Office, but just between you and me, the horse is dead and the driver is blind.


Leon said...

someone started a business that gets your mail and scans it and sends you an email....and a paper copy if you want it. you set it up so they didn't open certain types of mail if you didn't want them to.

you don't get your junk mail.

the post office shut them down because the junk mailers are the post offices' customers and they didn't like citizens not getting mail from their customers.

i'm sure me not getting junk mail if i choose is protected by the 10th amendment or something.

Gringo said...

Several years ago there was a suggestion that the Post Office cut down on days of delivery. The reply came from the Post Office that since there was the same amount of mail to be delivered, it would only back things up.

But from 2006 to 2013, the number of pieces of mail the Post Office has handled has gone down about 25%, which would seem to justify fewer delivery days.

I know a fair number of people who check their mail box only once a week.

EarlW said...

Another example of where Canada is ahead of the USA. Canada Post has already scheduled the elimination of home delivery in certain areas. There is the usual uproar, but the volume of mail has been significantly reduced.
I send all my invoices out via email.
Now, if companies with big computer systems could switch to electronic payment, then snail mail could be eliminated.

Sam L. said...

But, where would you then get the paper for starting fires?

EarlW said...

I thought newspapers were for starting fires. There is little else of value except for the comics and crosswords.
Although here in the urban north, fireplaces are a dying breed.
"Earlier this year, in a decision that did not come under much scrutiny, Montreal's Executive Committee ordered the elimination of all wood-burning fireplaces by Dec. 31, 2020."

Anonymous said...

I do love stories with happy endings.