Thursday, July 10, 2014

Really Big Shew

Your favorite Unorganized homeschool band is performing at the Mystic Theater tomorrow. It's the very first place they ever performed live together, a little more than a year ago. They're going to play their new show, which includes this Wes Montgomery classic. If you think they were good last summer when they recorded it, you should hear them rip through it now.

They'll be debuting their new original composition, too. I'd tell you its name but then I'd have to tie you to a chair and gag you until tomorrow.

[Update: Many thank to Julie from Florida and Kathleen from Connecticut for their constant support of the boys' efforts via the PayPal tip jar!]


Ray Visotski said...

If I didn't live 1,139 miles away, I would surely come to the show. Good luck and knock 'em dead.

julie said...

Yep - once again, I am really disappointed that I can't teleport.

Have a great show!

Johnny Glendale said...

Let us know when the tour hits LA. Have a great show!

Leslie said...

Break a leg, boys!