Wednesday, June 04, 2014

I'm Not Chiri Chiri Any More

My world's out of joint. The sun is a rumor, the moon hangs on its hinges like a men's room door in roadhouse. The leaves turned color right after the catkins left. The wind blows from the east when it's not supposed to. The rain has turned my back yard into Pepperidge Farm Cambodia.

Today I read the saddest words in the world:
Activities of Chiri Chiri Sisters is the hiatus indefinitely with a live 12/14.
Everyone, thank you very much and who have supported until now.
The world grinds around on its axis still. I'm not sure why it bothers. The light has gone out on the earth's porch. The Chiri Chiri sisters are no more.


Larry Geiger said...

The Chiri Sister on the guitar is great but I love the bass lady. I come from a family of drummers (I'm not one myself but I've listened to drumming since my brother was born). That girl is a whole drum set on a bass.

Thud said...