Saturday, April 19, 2014

I've Never Had Any Rustic Overtones

If Portland, Maine is local enough from my perch here in Rumford, then Rustic Overtones is a local band.

They didn't want to be a local band, of course. Hardly anyone wants to be that. All musicians dream of demigod paygrades and sorted M&Ms. I swear I performed in the only band, ever, that explicitly had no ambitions beyond where we could get to from Cape Cod in a Ford F-250, and we still ended up playing in Cincinnati and Denver.

The Overtones had their cup of coffee in the bigs, and made some records and wandered the landscape in search of applause, but they seem to be back to being big men on the small campus of Portland again, from what I can glean reading about them. Musicians like to be famous among strangers, but there's nothing wrong with applause from familiars, either. Someone has to get you to leave Three Dollar Dewey's early and pay a cover. Might as well be them. 

I've never heard of Rustic Overtones before. That's OK, they've probably never heard of me, either, so we're square. I liked their video -- enough to look up the videographers -- and I've heard much, much worse come out of the radio lately. I wish them well. But I have a warning for them, too. If you think you're going to make your way in Maine by dressing in suits, filming in black and white, and mixing in incongruous stock footage, you better be looking over your shoulder. There isn't room in this State for two sets of people doing it, and the set that sleeps at my house doesn't get tired that easy; they're young.


Ray V. said...

I like the boy's sound better….plus they have better glasses.

julie said...

Yep, I have to agree with Ray.

Philip said...

The Overtones are in tuxes. Kinda like putting pennants in a used-car lot.

Sam L. said...

Don't look back, guys; Unorganized Hancock is gaining on you!

Gringo said...

I've never heard of Rustic Overtones before.

Me neither.But then I don't get to Portland very much- last time was 4 years ago, and I was just passing through.

teresa said...

The Rustic Overtones are goodhearted guys. They've played a bunch of times at the home of a young guy who is bedfast from a progressively paralyzing spinal disease. His name is Nickolas Stanley. They set up right in his living room where his bed is. He's a friend of my son Matthew, who won't hear a bad word said about the Overtones.