Thursday, March 13, 2014

Maybe It's Just Me, But I Don't Think Eleanor Rigby Is Supposed To Sound This Happy

And still, here we are.

Pharrell Williams is notable enough to have his own Wikipedia page. I checked. Ye gods, he's won seven Grammys.  That seems an awful lot for someone I never heard of. The Beatles only won eight. That's not a typo. They won a "lifetime achievement" Grammy, too, so nine, depending on how you count them.

I have heard of The Beatles. They seem to have gotten much more mileage out of their meager stash of Grammys.


Anonymous said...

Well yeah but look who the Beatles had to compete with to get those Grammies-
not lady googoo or mikey cypus like Pharrel

Sam L. said...

I'm old, though not grumpy (I do have something to look forward to), and I Am Not Impressed.