Sunday, February 16, 2014

I Like Puddles Pity Party's Early Stuff. You Probably Haven't Heard Of Them

I listen to the strangest assortment of music.

No, I'm not trying to tell you I'm a hipster, bustin' a moby at the table saw while only listening to totally deck obscure artisanal free-range amazeballs beats. That would be so midtown. I just find myself interested in odd things.

I've never heard the original of this song. It's current. The only radio I own is in the truck, so I can only hear current music while I'm driving. There's a problem. I only leave my house once or twice a month, and whenever I do, I drive in stone cold blissful silence.

So it's very simple. If you want me to listen to your song, you'd better hustle on over to the Intertunnel, and be sure to bring a seven-foot-tall pagliacco, totes toting a battered Emmett Kelly valise that says Puddles Pity Party on it, and everybody better really be playing things that sound like instruments instead of washing machines halfway through the cycle with all the towels migrated to one side, and you better have that bouffon belt out that song like it's nobody's business. And the girls better sway.

Puddles Pity Party


Thud said...

Interesting, I just hope it doesn't give your lads untoward ideas!

Leon said...

meh. i saw this video several weeks ago after i'd only heard the original on the radio twice. i didn't think he nailed it then and i'll stand by that now having seen it again.
in context of it being written and performed by a 16 year old girl the drama seems appropriate...with a clown...well just bizarre.
i realize the original benefits from a studio and possibly various effects but i think the young lady really has good pipes. also she made a piece of music that is nice noise and is in a style all her own. pop music, whatcha gonna do

mind you, the clown is up over 5 million views so there is that.

Cachinnosus said...

Yet another trip to Crazytown in the Sippican truck. Thanks for the ride.

Leslie said...

I have only ever heard this song sung by the 13 year old daughter of a friend. She sat alone, in snow boots and a beenie, played the guitar and sang for her classmates. No swaying backup singers, but the intensity was the same.

DC said...

I came for the house-raising, and stayed for the music. Nice find!

chasmatic said...

Sipp, You got a nice "come—from" and a clean head. Refreshing. Thank you.

Go Now, Bessie Banks:

Anonymous said...

They are on fire:


Anonymous said...

I'll tell you based on my advanced analytic skillz UH could do an INSANELY GREAT version of this song.
I would even send them a portrait of Andrew Jackson to prove me right.

Gringo said...

I like the piano work- somewhat contrapuntal to the vocals.

As for the costume- whatever.

Larry Geiger said...

"I listen to the strangest assortment of music." I think that we can go with your first thought here.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I think the piano playing is a hidden gem here too. Reminds me alot of Bill Evans.
p.s. I think in the original she tries to channel Adele too hard

Anonymous said...

Here's a trip for you:

Gringo said...

Anonymous @3:16 PM, I once bought a Chopin CD box set at a giveaway price. In going through it, I had the impression that Chopin was the jazziest sounding pianist before jazz came around.

Nearby on YouTube to our Pagliacci song: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Acoustic Electro Swing Hiphop

Gringo said...

Sippi, Postmodern Jukebox has a whole bunch of very interesting songs on YouTube. IMHO, the clown song you posted, though not bad,is far from the best. Scott Bradlee, the pianist on the clown song, is one heckuva piano master.

Great Intertunnel find you came up with.
Which led to Scott Bradlee performing "Twinkle, Twinkle" Piano Variations- Evolution of Popular Music. Which led to
Twinkle Twinkle Indian Desi Styles
.Ah, the Intertunnel.

Anonymous said...

"and you better have that bouffon belt out that song like it's nobody's business."