Thursday, January 02, 2014

Dead Tenant Is The Unholy Love Child Of Segovia And Dick Dale

Dead Tenant is a fellow named Andrew Amirzadeh from Columbus, Ohio. He's playing Bach on a Fender Telecaster without any effects pedals or by stitching together takes. Pretty neat. I used to own a Fender Telecaster. It made a pretty fair boat oar, as I recall.

My friend Bird Dog at Maggie's Farm sent me this video. He claims he has no taste, no doubt using his friendship with me to prove it to his friends, but he's on to something here. I got to poking around on these here Intertunnels and it appears Andrew's guitar and laptop got stolen from his car on Christmas. Jaysus. He has a Bandcamp page and sells his interesting tracks there.


Cletus Socrates said...

Somewhat unrelated (Fenders):


Anonymous said...

I am 63 and have been intensely interested in Rock and Roll since 1962 and never heard of Dick Dale

I dont think he was ever in the Top 40 or had a hit record

Matt said...

You cold Bro.?

leelu said...

I hope that all is well with you and yours, and that you are not writing lately because you have a metric boatload of orders to fill.