Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Unorganized Hancock Makes Videos, Like Humans Do

Your favorite unorganized band, Unorganized Hancock, is back and better'n ever, with their gloss on Like Humans Do by David Byrne.

David Byrne is an interesting fellow. He's part of a very fertile batch of artists, musicians, authors, actors, and assorted ne'er-do-wells that emerged from The Rhode Island School of Design back in the late sixties and seventies, which also includes two other members of the Talking Heads, Charles Rocket, David Macauley, Martin Mull -- and my older brother, who shares the ten-year-old drummer's name, and who gives the big one music lessons on Skype in all his spare time, a non-existent thing if there ever was one. He tried to teach me how to play thirty years ago, but I'm lazy and discovered you could get gigs if you just owned a bass, so not much of it did me any good. He's having more luck banging glissandos and fermatas and solfeggios, which are all various kinds of pasta, I think, into The Heir's head.

If you'd like to throw those minstrel boys a coin, there's a PayPal button in the right hand column. The boys play live, and record, using equipment we were able to purchase for them because of the generosity of my readers. Many thanks! Generosity: it's what humans do, or at least the ones I've met on the Intertunnel.

[Update: Wow, Charles E. from New Mexico made a generous donation to the boys, and suggested they might like to purchase Nehru jackets with the loot. Sage advice, if you ask me, but the boys will probably waste the money on a digital input/output signal processor instead. Jeez, kids these days. No sense of style. Many thanks!]

[Up-Update: Wow again. Melissa K. from Tejas is very generous, and we all thank her for it. They should make her the mayor of Texas. I'd vote for her twice]

[Upper-Update: Kathleen M. from Connecticut restores my faith in humanity -- not one iota less than that]


Eclecticity said...

Fantastic. Talent! Thanks Boys. E.

chasmatic said...

Sipp, some would say "you're a lucky man" but, nah, it is more than that. I believe we make our own luck. Without question you are blessed. Got a good wife and mother to the boys (implied but it sticks out a mile) and the kiddos are great. No doubt in my mind: you, sir, reap what you sew.

Good bass behind 'em, ahem, solid foundation but never gets in the way. That little rascal on the traps, he seems restless, wants to break out. How 'bout Caravan with a drum solo?

Sam L. said...

How about the drum solo in Wipeout?

Anonymous said...

That's what I'm talkin' about!!!

chasmatic said...

Sipp, think nothing of it. Thanks for sharing your kiddos with us.

"digital input/output signal processor"? Uh? That some kinda techno black box component? Jeez, back in my day a fuzztone or wah wah pedal was state of the art.

Last time I went by Charles E was when I was a friend of Bill Wilson. That's decades ago.

What kinda bass [strike]you[/strike] that guy using?

Leslie said...

They look and sound good in black and white!

SippicanCottage said...

Hi E- Many thanks!

Hi Chasmatic- Many thanks for your kind words and support. My older son is playing the bass, too, overdubbed. I gave him my old G&L L-1000 when he graduated from high school. I don't play on the kids videos, and don't really have anything to do with their production, except holding the camera.

The signal processor I mentioned is to turn analog signals (microphones) into digital signal so it can go straight into a computer to be mixed. He has to kludge it right now.

Hi Sam- I used to have to play in a Happy Hour band on Cape Cod, and I've played Wipeout somewhere around 154,000 times, and if I ever hear it again you're going to read about me in the papers.

Hi Dave- Glad you liked it.

Hi Leslie- Many thanks! They fit right in there, don't they?

chasmatic said...

Nice axe. Last one I had was a '64 Jazz Bass, sunburst what was left of it.

Was in a band that did some Meters stuff. Cissy Strut on the juke box and therefore I played it so much, could play it backwards. The band had some good instrumentals on their earlier albums, good funk beat and wicked guitar. when they added vocals they mediocre'd. Happy hours were worse than Ladies' Nights.

Hey, Leslie, that you I see commenting over at Gerard's?

Anonymous said...

Every time UH makes a new video this place momentarily becomes the most happening place for new music on the web.
And life is undeniably a succession of moments-
Thanks Guys

Sam L. said...

Well, Mr. Sippi, even though I don't read the papers any more, I surely don't want to hear that you were in the papers.