Monday, October 07, 2013

There Will Be Brahms

Every once in a while you get weary of Bach on the guitar, and Mozart being cute, and Beetle Brow the deaf alternating between adoring and hating on Napoleon. You start poking around Mendelssohn and Brahms looking for something different to listen to.

Brahms. Brahms Third Racket. That'll do.


leelu said...

Time out from "Wichita Lineman", I see.

Not sure what's going on with the guy on the right of the screen, tho.

Sleep, pain, or orgasm. I can't tell.

Mal said...

I enjoyed that Basil Fawlty reference, Sip. One of my favourite bits to deliver whenever I'm in earshot of that piece.

Sam L. said...

Quite the hair on that cellist behind on her left.

I missed the BF ref, Mal. I liked the show, but one time watched 6 eps in a row--couldn't take the high-energy anger. One at a time, spaced out, was OK.