Saturday, October 12, 2013

Furniture. Maybe


Gedaliya said...

Never been a Waits fan.

Anonymous said...

In a weekend of physiological dissonance and mental fugue I offer my own youtube therapy, to wit:

There are websites dedicated to finding faces in extraordinary places, why not music:

So a German guy scribbles some lines on a piece of paper and a couple of hundred years later 10,000 Japanese pick up a copy and do exactly what it says:

Sometimes the kids find a new way that works:

Old subject, new stagecraft; frenetic, manes tossing, dresses split, laughter, bacusness; tools just a skeleton of what they were; is what we hear coming from them? :

Brad Ervin

chasmatic said...

Small town north of Toronto, winter starts around Halloween and ends after Easter. I had to shovel my way out of the house a lot. Skies grey and heavy, low. Sounds muffled. When the sun showed it was like the herald angels singing.

I have been on both sides of the window. Lesser souls succumbed to drink and oblivion; I was fortunate to come away with only the memories, sometimes they come at me like hounds scratching at my door 2AM. Brrr.

Sam L. said...

We're all hiding something from everyone else, and others from ourselves. I'm in the Witless Protection Program, and hiding more than most.