Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Sparkletones Is The Second Greatest Rockabilly Band Name Ever

I was in the Superfonics. That's the greatest Rockabilly band name ever. We stunk, but man, could we name things.

The drummer was an ancient old dude, probably ten years younger than I am now, and he didn't have a car or front teeth. I'm not sure if those two details are related. He got rid of most of his toms and cymbals, welded the remaining drums together, and bolted a big handle to the resultant apparatus. He'd ride the subway with it. He'd come in, plop the thing down, sit on a milk crate, and start playing. He was either a genius or a dullard.  The two guitar players were roommates, attending MIT. They were either geniuses, or very smart, I can't remember which. They played everything  exactly like the records we copied. The singer -- couldn't.

[Oh, dear; look what I found in my junk drawer:]

I remember Chet's. If I owned Hell and Chet's Last Call, I'd live in Hell and rent out Chet's.


vanderleun said...

That's it. I'm starting a band called "The Superfunkics" when the criteria for joining is that you have to be able to sing after putting your teeth in a glass on the amp.

dadofhomeschoolers said...

do you know of another song that uses a motor boat sound you make with your lips?

"I love my lips!" Larry the Cucumber

Thud said...

Great song but I like the Robert Gordon version rather more.

Anonymous said...

The Sparkletones have an interesting story too


Leslie said...

How much was a ticket to see you at Chet's?

Sam L. said...

Ah remember thet song!