Saturday, September 07, 2013

Since I Met You, Baby

Eric Lindell, with Anson Funderburgh on guitar, resurrect Elvin Bishop's Fooled Around And Fell In Love from 1975

It's completely lacking bellbottoms and dusters, or carpenter overalls with one strap worn over the shoulder. No sign of turd curls. No plaid pants that I noticed. Anson's flirting with a Qiana shirt there, but the collar's too small. Gotta flap in the breeze like Sister Bertrille's cornette to be a real Qiana shirt. There isn't a decent Jewfro in the place. No one's got a necktie wide enough to use as a tablecloth, either. Nary a tube-top to be seen.

It's like their heart really isn't in it.


Casey Klahn said...

No Pucca shells, or smiley face t-shirts, either. But that is dangerously close to a Member's Only jacket.

Billster said...

With all deference to Elvin, THIS only belongs to Mickey
Thomas. For some damned reason this melody and chord
Progression still causes a faint weeping in me heart....damned that girl so many y'ars Southern
Comfort sweetheart. We both would've been room temp long ago methinks. Elvin had some real tragedy rain on him.

JC said...

Been knowing Anson since the early 70's - nice to see him get a mention. He was incredibly kind to me once, when he pretended to remember me in a situation where it was a matter of life or blueballs. Didn't get me laid, but the man was ON MY SIDE. Looks better without the lightly-tinted shades that he affected at the time, too.