Sunday, August 04, 2013

The So Very Much Organized Unorganized Hancock Performs At The Skowhegan Riverfest

It was a big, big tent. Big stage. There was very, very real sound reinforcement. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon.

They don't know what to think when they see the little drummer shuffle in. The soundmen ask where the rest of them might be. They dutifully go through their soundcheck, no doubt wondering what could possibly come out of the speakers when the bell rings. 

That's what comes out.

Unorganized Hancock 

(Update: Many thanks to longtime friend and supporter Kathleen M. for hitting our donation buttons. All the best from your friends in Maine!)


Pk said...


Pk said...


drdave said...

Outstanding!! I have the encore lighter lit in hopes of seeing more!

Philip said...

Veddy nice. I see that the Spare has either grown some, or gotten more confident, or both.

Will you be posting Sunday's show as well?

Leslie said...


Leslie said...
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vanderleun said...

It's comforting to know that we'll have a replacement for the Everly Brothers and the Beatles in one duo.

leelu said...
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leelu said...

Linked, embedded. Doin' what I can.

Grinnin' like a fool! The Spare has turned into one heckuva drummer.

Most excellent!!

@Gerard - absolutely!

Casey Klahn said...

John, Paul, George, Ringo, Abbott, and Costello - move over.

My compliments!

Setecastronomy said...

Don't get much classier than that.

Thud said...


leelu said...

Oh, almost forgot - extra-crispy touch of professionalism when the Spare totally ignores the mic adjustment!

dadofhomeschoolers said...

I like how the spare gets a year older halfway through the description for the you tube video..

Well done.

Golden West said...


Deborah said...

Yea! Hooray! I am delirious with joy. What a splendid performance. Spare rocked. The Heir's voice is richer now.

H. Gillham said...

Just adorable --

Sam L. said...

I guess when you have two that know what they are doing, more can be superfluous.

Daphne said...

Good God man, you and your better half sure cooked up a pair of handsome, talented boys.

Please tell me I paid for an eighth for one of those gorgeous drums. So fabulously spangly!

On a serious note, ya'll have done a fine job raising these young men. Take a well-deserved bow, Sipp.

Gringo said...

The music, as always, was well done. The bantering- most likely rehearsed- about "You will what.." was entertaining.

SippicanCottage said...

Hi Pk- Everyone -literally everyone- said that.

Hi Dr. Dave- Many thanks. There's a lot more video, including a second day's performance. My son will edit more and we'll put them up. You can subscribe to their YouTube channel, too, to get them right away.

Hi Leslie- Many thanks!

Gerard! Amusing that you said that. My brother calls them "The Beaverly Brothers."

Hi Leelu- Many thanks. The little feller can play for three hours without faltering. I never played with an adult that could.

Hi Casey- Many thanks. The boys are playing at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture on Friday. I'll be sure to tell them all what execrable daubs their paintings are compared to yours.

Hi Setecast- Many thanks.

Hi Thud- We will post more. I thought of you there in Liverpool when the boys played the Beatles song. The Beatles are my second favorite people from there.

Hi Leelu- That was an honest-to-god roadie, too. The PA was an epic rig. All the drums miked, the whole shebang. If you watch the spare closely, you can notice that he's watching the light show being projected on him instead of paying any attention to what he's doing. The light show is barely visible in the video because they started playing at noon and it was too bright in there to see it much.

Hi Golden West- Many thanks

Hi Harriet- Many thanks.

Hi Daphne- Many thanks. I'm afraid the drum set is my old one from back when I used to play. It's British racing green, with a chrome snare. It sounded titanic all miked up in the big tent.

The recent generosity of my readers allowed us to achieve a much more fundamental and important purchase for the band. We bought a bench seat and installed it in the back of my work van, so we could carry four people and all the equipment to the shows. We never could have managed it in our car. Many thanks to all my readers for their constant support, encouragement, and generosity.

Hi Gringo- Many thanks. We call the patter "doing the show." The boys have a whole show to go with the songs. A lot of it is scripted, but some of it just happens. They give away little prized to audience members that participate in some way, too. It's lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

Yay for new content!!!
Gets cold out here in l.a. without anything fresh for my ears to chew on-


dadofhomeschoolers said...

I just noticed Winne the Pooh's face jammed up against the drum head.