Thursday, June 13, 2013

Try To Get Through Ten Bars Before The Andalusian Buddha Says NO!

They try to block YouTube on the computers they hand out at school, because they wouldn't want you to ruin your education by having Andres Segovia give you guitar lessons.

Last night I taught my ten-year-old how to play Brown Eyed Girl on the piano. It took about ten minutes. He doesn't know how to play the piano. Come to think of it, I don't know how to play the piano, either. But it happened. If you know how to learn things, it's all just lying on the virtual ground. 


Sam L. said...

You's a gooooood dad, Mr. Sippi. Spare's a genius of some kind, and clearly you are not ruining him.

Sam L. said...

Might wanna beat on the spammers, though.

Dan Patterson said...

That his genius is immediately obvious is not because of his knowledge but his action. The students are encouraged to play what is written but also to enliven the body with caresses, nuance, and vitality. Just as it was written. The blues guys call it soul and it's something you have to experience with your blood and bones or it comes off as phoney. Like Clapton. One other element is the immediate and unapologetic evaluation of a witnessed work as either acceptable or not; no participation trophy and no free snow cone.
Happy and satisfying Father's Day to you and all the fathers who deserve it.