Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mind If My Little Brother Sits In?

The greatest roadhouse band ever, The Fabulous Thunderbirds.


Dan Patterson said...

Great to see them together. A good tune to set the stage for improv and showcasing.
And Kim Wilson with hair!

Leslie said...

I saw Stevie Ray Vaughn in 1983 or 4, as a warm up act for Don Henley, of all people. He stole the show.

Casey Klahn said...

I never saw either. Wait, I was exhibiting at a venue and supposedly SRV played on the soundstage. Sad for me.

I did see Flash Cadillac a couple times. Sort of a poor man's Fabulous Thunderbirds.

chasmatic said...

On a Telly with no tail piece.


Anonymous said...

My faves from them are "Hard to Be":
and "Time"
I saw SRV open for ZZ Top, after they started to suck (Eliminator)

Anonymous said...

Greatest Roadhouse Band?


Mebbe NRBQ.

or even the Doors.

Anonymous said...

Im a lifelong musician. Wanna be guitarist. I cried when Stevie died. The man was a genious. stellar. A legend. He was my guitar hero. true God-given talent. Well developed.