Sunday, June 02, 2013

I Generally Shy Away From Fine Work Like This. I Stick To Working Rough

You can't hold a Canadian down. Not even on an operating table.


Casey Klahn said...

That's funnier than a six fingered sawyer playing cards.

Leon said...

didn't i send that in to you? i know i thought about it but had my doubts that you would post it.

if you ask me he could do with sharpening his saw...maybe put some tape on the back to help with that tear-out.

chasmatic said...

By the jeez,

I ain't seen fine work like that since I come down here. He's using an electric motor, drive that thing. That's gotta be better than breathin' all them gas fumes, eh? Y'can work inside with that rig.

Bilejones said...

If the Canucks are doing that, one wonders what the Ruskies use.