Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sultana Of Swing

You have to give the audience a compelling reason to pay attention to you.

That's the only advice I ever gave to my children about performing, really. The rest was details. The rest is details. There's lots of different approaches. They all work. Or they don't. It's up to the performer. Performers can have the wrong audience, it's true. A metal band that looks out into the audience and sees nothing but blue hair is probably in for a rough time. But the audience is rarely the problem. A stubborn insistence on entertaining yourself before the audience, or instead of the audience, is usually the culprit.

We used to call the phenomenon "Doing The Show." Caravan Palace knows how to Do The Show.

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Glynn said...

It's 5:11 a.m.. and my hands a clappin' and my feet a tappin'.

julie said...

Now that's entertainment. Seems to me you can very rarely go wrong with a pretty girl who has a great voice, knows how to dance, and knows how to smile.

vanderleun said...

".... a compelling reason to pay attention to you."

i.e.Booty. If cute, shake yours.

Sam L. said...

And, legs she has, nice ones.

Real, stand-up bass!

I like.

Leslie said...

I would pay to go to that show!

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Does Miles know the Charleston?

leelu said...


Total audience engagement.

Worst concert ever was Santana at Forum in L.A. Music was good, but they were having their own private little party on stage - didn't remember to invite us.

Gedaliya said...


Al Johnson said...

Great find! Imelda May on speed. Don't miss this video, either: