Thursday, May 16, 2013

It's Hard To Get Old

You can die young, or get old and watch everyone you know die. It's a crummy choice, and insult to injury, the choice is made for you, anyway. Everyone works it out as best they can. 

I can hear you calling my name
Or somebody's whispering
That sounds like you

I can see you standing in the shade
The sun is glistening
And it's blinding my view

I can feel your touch on my face
I remember kissing you
For the first time

I can sense you just out of fray

And I'll be reminiscin'
For the rest of my life

Never loved anyone
I never loved anybody
But you Baby

Never been lucky baby
I never bet winners
But I'll never say never again


Anonymous said...

It was easy getting old. The hard part has been staying old.

Leslie said...

This may sound odd, but, I went to a surf school in Costa Rica in February. The proprietor is American, and opened up shop 16 years ago. He looks very much like Mr. McLagan does, now, but, I am sure in his prime, he was something to behold. He still performed every evening after dinner..the same drunkin surf dude routine, that I am sure he did earnestly in the beginning. As one of the older of the kind of made me sad. He was doing the best he could... getting older.