Sunday, March 31, 2013

You Pray In Your Church, I'll Pray In Mine

Do you have any deformities, infirmities, calamities, contagions or afflictions?
Do you suffer from any shortcomings or long goings? 
Place your hand on the Intertunnel and be saved. Save! Ed!

The man on the throne will put a thrill in your bones
He'll cure your ills and give you chills
Don't sit home alone with cold stacks of wax
Come down to the show if your warden gets lax
His dancing girls will wriggle and sway
Like politicians on judgment day

Don't you feel like cryin?



vanderleun said...

"Joe Henry described the funeral, which was "2 and a half hours long, included many eulogies, some spontaneous gospel singing; some shouting, some wailing, a fainting, and a daughter who hopped on the balls of her feet and spoke in tongues as punctuation to her scripted remarks. The highlight for me was Rudy [Copeland]’s bluesy Hammond B-3 instrumental of Thomas Dorsey's “Precious Lord (Lead Me On)." He played it like Ray [Charles] would have, kicking it heavy on the bass foot pedals, and shouting his own encouragement: 'Tell the story, son!' The whole service climaxed with a rousing version of "When The Saints Go Marching In", which included the choir, a 2nd-line-style brass band marching through the isles (sic), and everyone in the pews clapping and singing along.""

" It's not an eating disorder. If I had an eating disorder, I wouldn't travel."

BJM said...

You and Vanderluen double-clutched my spirits today...he lifted me up and you put the re in rejoice!

Sixty Grit said...

Larger than life, that's for sure. Clearly I don't understand what it takes to live a long or productive life - I doubt that I will live as long as King Solomon did, I darned sure won't have as many children and I am about 89 grandchildren short of his mark as well.

But apropos of his life, all I can say is "Preach it!" What a guy.

Cletus Socrates said...

Backup band - some of Booker T's boys, no?