Wednesday, March 20, 2013


My son emailed me this.

In other news, I now receive email from one of my children. I imagine this means some sort of age Rubicon has been crossed. 


Leslie said...

Don't they text you from the other room yet?

dadofhomeschoolers said...

speaking of skating to the left. A memory that I have that I'll fling out on the floor, is from a time when my Father took me roller skating. Couldn't have been more than about 7 or 8. What stuck with me was the organist was playing one of the standards for the time, don't remember the name, I just remember that woman, both hands going on different registers, left foot running the bass notes, right foot doing the wawa pedal. All the while leaned over the railing and talking to someone she knew.

mikeg said...

Someone posted a link to your boys on Reddit -- I just wandered across it this morning:

Sam L. said...

Gussing 'twas the Spare, this being drums. Boy's got ambition to drive his talent.

Kathleen M said...

"Guessing 'twas the Spare, this being drums. Boy's got ambition to drive his talent."

Ambition, talent, plus the magic can do anything if you wear them!

Philip said...

Always liked the Smiling Drummmer. The way he went from a bird's heartbeat to a raw burlesque beat is fantastic.