Tuesday, March 26, 2013

If You Make Things, I Am Your Brother, Chapter 103: Pitcha Frames

These people don't remind me of the stall in the mall with anodized aluminum frames surrounding all the prints of women dancing barefoot on the beach in an evening dress while a butler holds a brolly over her head and a violin and rose petals and ballet slippers slop around in the foam at the edge of the surf. Our trusty frame makers in the video are competing with the painters for attention.

The shape of the main part of the frame is, I'm not joking, a Lesbian cyma profile. That's usually called a bolection where I'm from. It has a back band along the outside edge, and the carving along the inside edge is sort of gadrooned water leaf design, which is gilded. I noticed they distressed the frame to make it fit in with the painting it adorns, like I do with furniture sometimes. Neato.

I'm fairly certain I'm going to go on some sort of law enforcement watch list for simply typing the words "gilded and distressed gadrooned water leaf Lesbian cyma with a backband" into the Intertunnel.  I'm not sure what sort of trouble you might get in for just reading it. 


Johnny Glendale said...

Hey, thanks for getting me on one more list...It's a wonder I can still fly...

leelu said...

I'm guessing that the term "Lesbian" in this case refers to a wood carving technique popular on the isle of Lesbos??

Casey Klahn said...

I don't think it competes (which is the ultimate sin) with the nice deposition painting.

Good frame, and a shame to distress it, in my opinion. But, it does match the wrinkly, old oil painting, and maybe that's good.

Next time, try pastels...much more archival {[ S P @ M a l e r t}]/ just kidding.

We make frames, here, too. The most agro part is when the small works are nearing the price of the frame! This creates a radical disruption of the time-space continuum, and the tilt alert buzzer becomes near critical.

Then, there's the guy in my other ear who wants capital to go away. I come back here to get my mind straight. daily. If this one fails me, I can go to TBSBFB and I'm sure to get straight.

Sam L. said...

Mr. Sippi, if you wind up in jail for this, I'll come visit.

Leon said...

"The shape of the main part of the frame is, I'm not joking, a Lesbian cyma profile"

how do you KNOW this stuff...never-mind i don't want to know

Leon said...

i just looked up lesbian cyme...we used to call that 'OG' although it was probably spelt differently

Bilejones said...

I agree that good frame makers are trying to steal the eyes away from the painting. As they should.

I have a couple of of Ogee router bits.

I had no idea they were dykes.

BJM said...

> I'm not sure what sort of trouble you might get in for just reading it.

No worries, they'll think of something.

"You see, that's the whole point of being the government. If you don't like something you simply make up a new law that makes it illegal." -Minister Dormandy, The Boat That Rocked.

Anonymous said...

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