Saturday, February 02, 2013

It Was... 93 Degrees Less Than A Hundred Degrees Last Night

We're good parents. Honest! We're saving up to put lenses in our kids' glasses.

Happy Saturday everybody from Unorganized Hancock.

(Update: Lorraine supports the ahhts through our PayPal button. Many thanks! I think I owe her a novel pretty soon)
Up-Update: Kathleen M. is serially generous. Many thanks! And Dave R., who offered the "stump the band" idea originally, is very generous indeed. Many thanks!)


Ruth Anne Adams said...

Love the fret-cam!

lorraine said...

Love the eye scratch. Guys are getting better all the time. Keep it up - it is fun for me to live vicariously- my kids have all grown up and there is no more music coming from my attic. Thanks lorraine

TmjUtah said...


Watching the tools go from bronze to iron here.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful song choice for highlighting the growth and talents of the band. Nice experimentation with the camera. Solid execution. Ever consider a five-string (low-B) bass for a more dynamic range and arrangements?
What a challenge it is to get the same energy in a multitrack environment that you can playing live.
Greatness comes from trying hard things.
You've done it again- Thanks


Leslie said...

It is the hat.

Les Cargill said...

Nicely done as always.

I have that exact same Epiphone Special. Phenomenal little guitars.