Saturday, January 19, 2013

Why Be Normal?

Of course "Normal" nowadays means sitting on a bean bag chair in an office that looks like a Gymboree, with no equipment but a laptop and a fridge full of Jones soda, waiting for the boss to stop playing foosball with the fellow from the loading dock -- he plays Ultimate Frisbee if it's not raining -- and hoping he'll remember to call the angel investor and get him to cough up the second million or you're all laid off.


Thud said...

Interesting approach and I appreciate his craftsmanship but how do they sound? and does he just make them for pampered rockers?

SippicanCottage said...

Hiya Thud- Hope you're swell. Thanks for reading and commenting.

I poked around and found out one of his guitars costs more than my house. It's not a very expensive house, but still...

No idea what they sound like.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Sipp they'd have to cost that much. They're more like functional sculptures. Sads to say with modern amp technology the electric guitars themselves don't determine the sound like they used to.

Anonymous said...

So I was at the supermarket just now and they were playing a song I had never heard which had the phrase "say hello to the ground"... so i googled and found
...but that wasn't it, it was
...and they both seemed like interesting songs from people I'd never heard of. Serendipity.
If the lads wanted to play one or both standard rates apply of course

Dan Patterson said...

Bravo to him, and to his ilk.
If a recovery and revival is to come it will be on the backs and through the hands of cats like you.
Remain calm and get busy.

Sam L. said...

You got a jones for Jones? Seen it; never tried it.

Anon D, I was in a bank some years back, with a radio playing elevator music, which sounded vaguely like.......Stairway To Heaven.

Mr. Sippi, Dr. Demento has a record of "Stairway To Gilligan's Island" (the words fit perfectly)--I'd bet the boys would be amused by it.

Dan Patterson said...

Stairway to Heaven IS elevator music.