Saturday, January 05, 2013

Just The Right Amount Of Cowbell

Little Feat plays Fat Man In The Bathtub. Dirtiest song about bathing I ever heard.


Anonymous said...

saw little feat @ nku about '77 - wow - had 30+ musicians on stage - high energy - good time - summertime inside w/o AC - musta been well over 100

a unique sound

Mike said...

Love this song.

Unlike Anon, I never had the opportunity to see them live, but Little Feat has long been a favorite.

RonF said...

This is what happens when you let the hillbillies get their hands on the electrical equipment.

Anonymous said...

Man that was some old-school equipment up there- at one time I had about half of the stuff they were playing with 'cuz when i started playing out all that was just coming onto the used market- Sun bass amps and other stuff that was state of the art in the early 70's. Amazing they could get that good of a recording. I used to run this album on continuous repeat for about six months at one point-
You must be an indian giver 'cuz you're taking me back-
Did remind me tho of
...hard to believe there was so much good music on the radio in those days ripe for picking like low-hanging fruit.

Anonymous said...

The Who are gonna be in your neighborhood in Feb. If they don't break a hip it's a hell of a show.