Thursday, January 17, 2013

If You Make Things, I Am Your Brother: The Ferragamo Bag

Big business. Multinational. A conglomerate. Big purse.


Mike said...

I have a pair of 20+ year old Ferragamo shoes. They still look great and I wear them at least once a week.

I wish all of my purchases worked out as well.

Anonymous said...

Nice, but

That be lookin like a prototype dept - those hands are not those of production people, which would be needed to keep up with the website

visit a saddleworks sometime for artisan level creation - it is really something

BJM said...

I've visited the Bottega Veneta workshop. Their trademark handbags are made of woven leather, supple and's fascinating to watch.

We also visited Carrozzeria Scaglietti back in the day before automation...when the bodies were shaped by hand ...gently hammered over was absolutely magical...deafening...but magical.

Bilejones said...

Mr Sippican, a while ago you had a great video of the most sublime passes in Rugby.
I'd like to show it to my son who deserves to watch a game where the ball is moving more than 17 minutes in three hours.
Could you re-share?

Ruth Anne Adams said...

I bet that artisan could write an ode to his glue like you did for your shellac. Reprint that sometime, eh?

SippicanCottage said...

Hi Bilejones- Thanks for reading and commenting.

The rugby video was over at The Borderline Blog For Boys. Here's a link for two rugby videos. Both have their strong points. Enjoy.

Hi Ruth Anne- Makes me happy to see your smiling face around here regularly. Old friends. Pastor Jeff showed up, too! Marvelous.

One problem with you is you remember what I've written much better than I can. For the life of me I can't remember what the shellac item is.

If I remember, your wish will be my command.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

This one.

But you already reran it back in 2008.

And I noticed I commented in both threads.