Wednesday, December 05, 2012

If You Fix Things Others Throw Away, I Am Your Brother

Coulda helped her out with the finish on the legs.

Every once in a while I get the urge to try upholstered furniture. I lay down, and it goes away. 


Sam L. said...

It kept pausing, kinda like stop-motion, and stop-audio, too.

Leslie said...

I can be your sister. I once found an old, upholstered, torn up child sized recliner, sitting by the road to be picked up by the garbage man. I took it home. My husband was not happy. I took all the covers off, and rewrapped it with padding. I bought some lovely girly fabric and stapled it down good. A new cushion finished it off. It was well loved for years.

DOuglas2 said...

I've lost track of how many vacuum-cleaners I've rescued and re-homed after a quick trip to the garage for a new belt and bag after snaking out the inevitable clog.
What surprises me more than the number of high-end vacuum cleaners I find on the side of the road, is the number of people who mention to me in casual conversation their need for a vacuum cleaner.

Anonymous said...

I like to fix things before they get broken.
I used to hate Catcher in the Rye until I realized I was one.