Saturday, December 15, 2012

If I Made This, You'd Never Hear The End Of It

Then again, if I made it, it wouldn't have worked, and I'd never have heard the end of it.

Woodworkers constantly construct their own tools. Jigs, mostly, to make the same thing over and over.
Matthias' homemade bandsaw
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vanderleun said...

Is it just me or does that saw seem abnormally thirsty for his hand?

Pk said...

No side-shields on the glasses? (I used to work in a chemical plant.)

vanderleun said...

From The Big Bang Theory: "Mrs Cooper: He thinks he’s such a smarty pants. He’s no different from any man. You tell ‘em not to do something, that’s all they want to do. If I hadn’t told my brother Stumpy not to clear out the wood chipper by hand, we’d still be calling him Edward. "

Sixty Grit said...

I have turned over 1,000 bowls on a lathe I built. Saves money and makes money - oh yeah - best of both worlds.

Anonymous said...

Nice techo pron. Thanks.

Bilejones said...

This is absolutely the kind of whack job nuttiness that I did when I was bankstering and spending my weekends 100 miles up the Taconic Parkway.

Thanks for bringing it back.