Saturday, November 03, 2012

Your Saturday Dose Of Unorganized Hancock

Thanks to everyone that listened and watched and put quarters in the kids' PayPal jukebox slot. Thanks, Lorraine! Thanks, Gordon! The boys are working on Gordon's fine suggestion, too. Don't touch that dial. But first...


Dave "de Medici" (LOL -- I keep giving money to those Michelangelo boys, but my chapel's never finished) dared the boys to play another song. I thought the Otis Spann suggestion was piquant, but I'm not carrying a piano up those stairs. So Sugar Ray it is. Another Someday song.

I've noticed that Dave suggests things that are just slightly out of the kids' ranges, but not impossible. That's what a good educator does. The Heir had to work diligently to reach the upper registers of the Neon Trees song, but now he and his brother can play and sing it almost effortlessly.

The original, somewhat inferior version of the song can be heard here. One can hear the autotune on the high notes. Cheaters.


Anonymous said...

So what you're saying is that the boys can do musically what Sugar Ray can only do electronically. That's really something.
I was worried about the vocal range myself, but by hard work and strategic breathing you pulled it off wonderfully.
Sipp you nailed my method- I doubted anyone but you would notice but you did. And the boys rose to the occasion like true champions.
I've been caressed by a lover and had my father's hand on my shoulder but sons you can be proud of is one of life's greatest pleasures.
2000 points and another constellation for the lads- and another $30 for being the high point of a rather taxing week in the ghetto
Thanks guys and keep it up


Anonymous said...

$20 for "Sullivan Street" by Counting Crows, if you can play that slow...


Anonymous said...

Since you've proved you have the range, I will send you a pocket-sized portrait of Andrew Jackson to hear "When It's Over" (better) or "Falls Apart" (good too) also by your apprentices Sugar Ray. I'm stealing your "Someday" lick too


Anonymous said...

Hahaha $40 to his favorite musical charity for Sipp SENIOR to do "Secret of Life" by James Taylor

Dave, who feels very good today

Anonymous said...

SO, Sipp, you think you can out-negotiate me with your stonyfaced silence??? OK, $60 but that's it...


p.s. tell the boys "Bad Reputation" by Freedy Johnston will also work

SippicanCottage said...

Hi Dave- I often am unable to see or respond to emails and comments for many hours. I make furniture all day, every day.

Thanks for your continuing support and for your excellent suggestions. You'll have to keep in mind that there's a real limit to how much time the kids can devote to the enterprise; they have more, not less schoolwork because they're homeschooled.

They will have a extra-awesome video ready for Monday morning though.

And me? I never play any more. It's the kids turn now.

Many thanks!

setecastronomy1844 said...

When I was that age I was butchering pretty much every song I touched. The kids...they're alright.

SippicanCottage said...

Hi sete- Thanks for your kind words about my urchins, and for reading and commenting.

Tom Francis said...

When they get some free time, I'll throw in a few more coins if they learn "Dust in The Wind" by Kansas.

That should be fun. :>)