Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Last Night As I Lay On My Pillow

The man never notices anything because that's his business -- not noticing. He gave me the key like a bribe. The yellow bulb was gone out at the door that was my ration. I held a lighter up to the knob and there were ten thousand stab wounds all around the lock. Thirty years and more of lemme in lemme in lemme in. You could almost feel the weight of the heavy paper sack in all their other hands.

The clock is banging on the seconds like a railroad spike. I begin to wonder if a man doesn't really die, just dissolves slowly in the rain. You try alcohol but it's not a preservative.

There isn't a floor crooked enough in the whole wide world to make that chair sit flat. You lean at the jalousies and watch the nobodies go nowhere, and smoke. A jalousie apparently only has two sides: dusty and dirty.

There's people next door going at each other like strangers. They'll wish they were strangers again soon enough. The other side is teevee teevee teevee.

The neon across the street flashes out of time with the clock and you'd like to meet that man, that neon man. You'd like to meet him like a train meets a cow out on the prairie.

There's an odd number of pulls on the dresser. There's an even number of tiles on the ceiling. There's a smell like the laundry in a funeral home in the bedspread. You know why people smoke now. There's nothing and nobody in this world but the faint orange spark at the end of your nose. 


Matt said...

There's more to next door. When one searches for a description of jalousies the web helpfully gives an eyeful of one of the strangers. She's French, and by all appearances too poor to buy outdoor clothes. J'adore cette lumière caresant!

Cond0011 said...

Reminds me of a Harry Chapin song.


Though I've never posted at your place before today, I felt this would be a good time.


Casey Klahn said...

One of your best.

The music is so non sequitur that it rolls back around to make perfect sense.