Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hope Street

Can you tell me the way to Hope Street?

They tell me the road to hope is long, and fraught with peril, sir.

(Stunned silence. A moment of recognition. Wry smile.)

Yes, but at least it's paved now.

The cobbles are made from the hearts of damp policemen, sir. They are only mortared loosely with good intentions.

You have the gun, so I defer to your judgment. The way?

Go back up the hill and turn right, if you want to find Hope. Abandon hope, all ye who stand here in the middle of the street with a policeman in the sleet.

Would you like a cup of coffee, officer?

What I would like is a gold-plated Republican job and a roast turkey with a side order of another roast turkey, and a whiskey and an upholstered woman with a fireplace and access to more whiskey, thank you. But I'll settle for a cup of coffee, if that's what you meant.

I'll need to cross the street to get it. Will you stop the traffic?

Sir, I'll hold them here until the ammo runs out, then go hand to hand with the stragglers, if you'll bring a sinker with the joe.

Done, and done.

Are those your lawyers, sir?

Spring is coming, officer, if we keep this up.

Go! I'll cover you.


Glynn said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Greg, to you and yours.

And no matter what happens in that asylum on the Potomac, there's always hope. And laways Hope Street.

Sam L. said...

Ya gotta stop writing like that, Mr. Sippi. It gets to me. I think I'll recover.

Casey Klahn said...

Poignant. And a donut, to boot.

Lovely stuff you write, my friend. Well beyond lovely.

Happy Thanksgiving, Gergory.

Casey Klahn said...

"Gregory" of course.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all at Sippican Cottage. I echo Casey. Very poignant. Hope you're well. Best, G.

julie said...

Yes, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Sipp!

"Upholstered woman" - heh; I like that description.

SippicanCottage said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Intertunnel friends. I love you all more than my folks.

Don't tell them that, though. They'll be here shortly.

Leslie said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Sullivans.

Johnny Glendale said...

Happy Thanksgiving! You, your work, and your family are some of the things for which I give thanks.

Anonymous said...

How do I know you'll like this?:


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.