Sunday, November 11, 2012

Best Find Your Tribe And Stick To Them, Boyo. The Vikings Are Abroad In The Land

That's a fairly close approximation of my former music career -- on a good day. Except the part where the musicians are talented.

The drunken men could never figure out why there were pretty girls all over the stage, but when they tried to get up there, unbidden, they were dragged off and thrown out. Drunken men aren't too bright. Even when they're sober. 


vanderleun said...

Well the kids don't eat
And the dog can't sleep
There's no escape from the music
In the whole damn street

'Cause she's playing all night
And the music's all right
Mama's got a squeeze box
Daddy never sleeps at night

vanderleun said...

Although I must say that with all the bopping about talent on that stage Sharon Shannon is especially cute in this video.

Casey Klahn said...

I don't know music, but I know fun when I see it.

Tom Francis said...

One of my favorite songs. It's hard to believe that it was written in 2000 - sounds like a real olde tyme Irish folk song.

LOVE LOVE LOVE Sharon Shannon - great talent and man she can play the hell out of the melodeon can't she? Always wanted to learn how to play the diatonic melodeon.

I was slightly bummed out today, but that did it- I'm all straight and ready to go.


Anonymous said...

Haha look at the middle of this map:


SippicanCottage said...

Gerard has a trained eye for cutie-pies.

Hi Casey- Fun is rare and underrated. Fun rarely breaks out at any form of entertainment. It's jarring to see fun at this point. But you still recognize the animal.

Hi Tom- Come to Sippican Cottage whenever you're bummed. We probably can't un-bum you, but you're welcome to be bummed along with us.

BTW, the boys are working on one of your suggestions right now. Should be epic.

Anon- Awesome. Please note I live on the border of: Disputed. Some things never change.

Leslie said...

I need some fun. This is.

Anonymous said...

dang, she's good.

and purty too.

and havin fun.