Monday, October 29, 2012

Bulletin, 2012: People Stockpiling Anxiety Medicine And Preparing To Call To Complain If Their Cable TV Is Out

As the philosopher Jagger once wrote: Things are different today. I hear every mother say. The pursuit of happiness just seems a bore...

You may think I'm joking in the headline, but if you read The Meteor, you'll learn that there isn't any joke you can dream up that doesn't turn up true eventually. Sooner rather than later, usually.

Read The Rumford Meteor, or you won't know what it says. 

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Tom Francis said...

My Mom, who was a USCG SPAR radio operator rode out the '38 hurricane at USCG New London and after the storm passed, at Watch Hill Light in Westerly RI for three weeks passing ship and USCG traffic as USCG New London lost their radio towers.

My former Chief (Woodstock Volunteers) told me that almost all the barns that now exist in Woodstock were built from red oak and pine trees that fell during the hurricane. They had so much lumber, that they actually started shipping to Worcester and Providence for the rebuilding effort. The original saw mill that the farmers set up on County Road in Woodstock still exists.