Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Tribe

Mairead Hickey from Cork, Ireland. Just thirteen years old in the video. Fifteen now, and something of a big deal in Cork. 

Sullivans like me are thick on the ground in Cork. Lord knows what drove us from the place. I think they made it past the whole of the famine, and then bugged out. That strikes a familiar chord. Stubborn, then mercurial.

Nulla manus, tam liberalis atque generalis, atque universalis, quam Sullivanus

No hand so liberal,
And so general and universal,
As the O'Sullivan.

America is not a people. It's an idea, one that many people share, or shared, anyway. I have trouble discerning that idea with any regularity out in the landscape recently. Sometimes the tribe calls out to me.


Casey Klahn said...

She's very clear eyed while playing that, too. Music, an muse, soothes well in these trying times.

Casey Klahn said...

" ancient muse," I meant to say.

Sam L. said...

If called by a panther, don't anther.

(Ogden, IIRC.)

Anonymous said...

"Stubborn, then mercurial"

Man does that hit close to home!