Friday, July 13, 2012

The Real Mad Men's Office Decor

It's got a view, of course. You need to be up high. Get that feeling of power. Sweeping vistas. That sort of thing. Oh, and a lot of woodgrain, definitely.

The smells are important. Woodsmoke, tobacco, coffee, a hint of whiskey from time to time. Color selection is crucial. There's a lot of plain, warm browns, naturally --almost monochrome -- but then you poke the eye out with apple-green swatches here and there. There's steel and some plastic, totally utilitarian, of course, but minimalist, not brutalist. The finish has to invite the hand. The clothes are almost austere, like a wrapper, not a drape, but they're made to let a person move. They signal a kind of status to the world.

One needs to understand the market, but live perched above it. Aloof. You take risks because the payoffs are so big. You push all your chips back onto the table the next day of course. You live for the moment, and there's no thrill in the mundane. Excitement must be mundane to you. You can't even smile when you've won. Spoils the effect.

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Casey Klahn said...

Cedar sawdust smells best when fresh.