Tuesday, July 03, 2012

And Don't Skimp On The Clip-On Tie

Fool Your Family Into Thinking You're Handy With Tools On Sale At Amazon

The Fuji HVLP sprayer at $200 off is the shizzle. I use one all the time.

Thanks to everyone that reads, comments, and supports my sites by using our links and buying my furniture. I like you more than ice cream. 


Thud said...

I'm due in U.S. in a couple of weeks and I have plenty to buy via Amazon so I'll happily click through here.

SippicanCottage said...

Thud- You're a peach.

And you have beautiful children.

Anonymous said...

Lemme tell ya I've been using a blade like this over the weekend and I have never been so much in love:
Mw friends say: "Is it better than a chain saw?" To which I reply "Yeha, it starts every time and right away".

leelu said...

The tie is just there to keep the overspray off his shirt buttons.