Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yeah, We Home-School Our Kids. Why? No Reason. Next Question

[Editor's note: The original video was removed by the author. I've substituted another. The original was from a High School in Hartford, Connecticut, and the students were even less informed than these kids are]
At 2:10, the young lady actually texts her answer aloud: IDK.

I give you, one more time, a six-year-old:
Keep doing you-know-what to that Public School chicken, everybody. It's working out swell.


Sam L. said...

The Spare has a better teacher. Concerned parents (yes, I do see your furrowed brow thru my special receiver).

BJM said...

Yabutt, they know what color eye shadow Kim Kardashian wore yesterday.

Sam L. said...

Dang, BJM, I, like, so totally forgot about that. My Bad!

100 wet-noodle lashes for me!

Sam L. said...

And here's a REALLY GOOD reason to home school:

Anonymous said...

Video removed by loser.
I mean USER