Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Hint Of Debris

It's cool in the early morning. The window screens breathe in and out with the breeze. The sun finds all sorts of windows it's not on speaking terms with three seasons a year. Its fingers point out a spot a painter missed in 1901.

The birds are arguing or in love -- what's the difference -- and the butterflies start their congeries of flightpaths around the lupines and phlox. I've already opened the basement below the basement, and put the bicycle out on the patch of pavement behind the house that is my boy's ration. He'll spend the morning looping around it a thousand times, as precisely as a driver with a sponsor.

There's a hint of debris from a neighbor's visit on the table before the couch in my office. Last night his European charges sat barefoot on the floor before the screen and pressed their ration of buttons with my sons, while we sat two doors away in my midden and talked of this and that and not much. He is smart but not an Intellectual and that's the only kind of person you want in your house. He told us the Massachusetts people who bought the house on the corner, who only show up once in a great while, were rude to him while he was out walking his dog. He's been here since Eisenhower.

He said it like he was talking about strangers. Not to strangers. For a brief, shining moment you wondered if  you finally belonged somewhere.


Leslie said...


vanderleun said...

Nice to be, finally, home.

Rob De Witt said...

What a nice image, and how I envy you feeling at home.

I've recently moved into a seniors place which is very pretty and quiet - and within the first 2 hours separate sets of neighbors asked me "What's your sign?"


Sixty Grit said...

Don't get ahead of yourself - that is Maine you are talking about.

Golden West said...

I think you and your family are the type of folks who are never strangers no matter where you go.

Sam L. said...

Rob De Witt, you shoulda told them "Odd Jobs Done". "Post No Bills" might have done, too.

Rob De Witt said...

Sam L....

My answer since the '70s has been "No Left Turn," but that didn't seem to get it done. And of course I was naively smiling in anticipation of sharing this little goofiness.

But no.

In the time-honored response of airheads everywhere, they went off in a huff with the line "Well I didn't mean to offend you."