Tuesday, May 01, 2012

I Come From A Land Of Milk And Honey -- If You Milk Your Own Cows And Keep Your Own Bees

I watched intently, but I did not spot a little wrench to put the furniture together with.
Hands was an Irish TV program from about thirty or forty years ago that featured people who worked with their hands. I can find no current evidence of the Robinson and Sons furniture business on the Internet.


Anonymous said...

No shortcuts, no gimmicks, pure skill gained from years of experience. What a tragedy that in the "instant gratification" and "cheap but good enough" world of consumer goods today, there are fewer and fewer of these kinds of master craftsmen around anymore. It was superb. To think there used to be guilds! I enjoyed every minute of it.

Bob in Manassas, Virginia USA

dadofhomeschoolers said...

oy. I kneel in the presence of the masters.
I did notice that not one minute of the film detailed how they got the multi angle dowls right. There are still secrets.