Thursday, April 12, 2012

No Smoking

Three Little Pigs Architects.


Casey Klahn said...

No thanks. I lived under a thatched roof in a 6' x 12" hut for a summer. Bats. Snakes (Boa). You get the idea. Bring a mosquito net!

SippicanCottage said...

Ooh, Casey. You're gonna be in trouble when Thud shows up.

Douglas2 said...

Pretty highly insulative relative to a typical UK home.
My understanding is that the thatch is dipped in a boric acid solution before installation, and installed over incombustible sarking. The boric acid will be dissolved from the topmost bits within a year, but the underneath ones should retain some of the the insect-and-flame retardance qualities. And the sarking blocks supply of air from underneath the roof in case of a fire. New installations will have sprinkler systems.
Still, after the extra expense application of water-soluble retardants, incombustible sarking, and then the inevitable ugly wire-mesh over the top for bird control, one wonders why anyone bothers except to retain the historical appearance of an existing building.
Framing built for thatch won't support traditional UK tile roofs, which is part of the quaint wonky appearance of UK villages. They've added support, but rarely fixed the sag, because rebending the building might cause other problems. It seems a bit boring to come back to the US where almost every roofline is perfectly straight.

Thud said...

Casey, I would have stood you a pint in our newly thatched pub but i'm afraid you are on your own!