Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Well, At Least She's Not Texting

Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers

I have children, and they play music.

It's interesting to me to see what they pluck out of the dump of pop culture to resurrect. It's very difficult to predict in advance, although we're more or less the same people on the cellular level. We got all the nature and more unadulterated nurture than any public school kids are ever going to get, and yet they are their own people with their own opinions. On second thought, that premise is exactly wrong. Of course they think for themselves. They don't attend public schools where that's not allowed.

So I can say with some standing that somewhere, Nicki Bluhm's parents are scratching their heads and muttering, "Hall and Oates? Really?"

Sure, why not?


julie said...

Wow - that was lovely. Also, (can't believe I'm typing this) she really rocked that kazoo.

Tom Francis said...

Would playing the kazoo be considered distracted driving if they got into an accident.

It's an important question. :>)

Tom Francis said...

By the way, thanks for posting that. I hadn't heard of her and now I'm a new fan. Very pleasing voice and I like their arrangements.

Cool - I'm always up for new music.

Ten Mile Island said...

Found myself smiling broadly through most of this. And, when I read the words, "Hall and Oates" I just about skipped over this delight.

Baby M said...

The camera needs a slightly wider lens; other than that, lovely work. Way better than the original.

Looks like they're in the middle and third row seats of a van; someone else is driving and the camera operator is in the passenger seat.

Philip said...

I'd say "a fine example of blue-eyed soul", but I can't tell with the sunglasses.

I still can sing a pretty good bass for "She's Gone". Embarrasses the heck out of my kid.

Leslie said...

Love this. I am not a big H and O fan, but one night..very late, when I was a sophomore at the U of A, I was working the ancient phone system in my dorm. The men had to leave at 1:00 am on the weekends,(imagine that!) As I started to closed down shop, I heard echoing down the adobe halls, a beautiful falsetto and the shuffling of dancing feet, of a man, so head-over-heels in love..singing "one on one..." I stayed out of sight..and just enjoyed his reverie. Like this, it was a better version. I never forgot it.