Sunday, March 11, 2012

Look, Ma; I'm An Impresario

Mars Rocks!

The Heir had a big show last night. That's the soundcheck they did for it. It was at the local recreation center. It's in the basement of a high school no one's using anymore in Mexico, Maine.

He's sixteen. The drummer is barely seventeen. The giant bass player is only thirteen years old.

They did something way past a performance. They were concert promoters. They charged two bucks to get in for an hour's show, and advertised it after a fashion on Facebook. When it was over, the woman that runs the recreation center slapped fifty singles or so in their hands, and asked them to play in the high school gymnasium next week.

He's already better than I ever was. It remains to be seen if he'll be better than I could ever have been. My money's on him. 


vanderleun said...

Good. He can use the money to 86 the grunge (So Seattle in the, what?, 1980s) and get into some sleek sharkskin suits. Zoot maybe.

Thud said...

Put the cash towards a good digital release or go all rock and roll and spend it on booze and dodgy women.

Sam L. said...

Well, I think he's singing words, but I can't tell for sure. Maybe he needs to be closer to the mike.

leelu said...

Kids should always do better than their parents.

Be proud.

(What? OK, I know you are...)

SippicanCottage said...

Hi all-

Gerard- They're not grunge. They're poor.

Thud- Booze and dodgy women is how he was born.

Sam- The audio is just the ambient mike on a flip camera. They sounded a lot better than the equipment can record.

Hi Leelu- I is.

H. Gillham said...

This made me grin -- boys and their bands --


Tom Francis said...

Wow - brought back the memories it did. Very cool.

Many years ago, I took a Master's seminar presented by Al DeMeola and one of the more interesting bits that I didn't realize is that guitar players tend to do much better when something is moving in time or in syncopation to the rhythm of the tune. Your son has that down cold if you watch closely - a foot (syncopation) and his knee (in time). Pretty cool. Probably means that he's a natural at it and will be a success on American Idol. :>)

Proud Dads are always in order.

Gordon said...

The flip cam picked up the bass line really well. Not so well in the middle range, though. Perhaps the critics would want to donate a good mixing console.

Jewel Atkins said...

Invest about 150 bucks into a Zoom h2n digital recorder. It's inexpensive, compared to Sony or other recorders, and the sound quality is excellent. A good investment for 200 bucks.

Jewel Atkins said...

Well, it was 142 at Christmas, and I see it's up to 200 now. Rats.