Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blues Deluxe. I'll Say

Joe Bonamassa!


Tom Francis said...

Now that's the way to wake up. Love the blues.

El Polacko said...

Amazing chops, although still a bit too much of a hyper soulful (ala Johnny Lang) white suburb kid stunt player for my taste.

Take a look at the plexiglass shield in front of the 4x12 Marshall box.

I'm pretty sure the EPA put that there in order to keep him from killing the first ten rows of the crowd, because the only way to get that kind of tone is to turn it up to "Eleven" and beyond.

Slide guitar genius Sonny Landreth hands out earplugs to the first couple rows at his shows subject to the sonic blast of his Dumble based rig.

Loud works. We didn't buy all this stuff to play quiet , after all!!