Friday, January 20, 2012

RIP Jimmy Castor. It Was A Stone Groove, My Man

Jimmy Castor passed away this week. I dearly loved this novelty song when it came out of the transistor radio back in the day:

Jimmy Castor, a singer, saxophonist, percussionist and bandleader whose novelty songs and funk grooves brought him wide popularity in the 1970s and were later sampled for hip-hop records, died of cardiac arrest Jan. 16 in a hospital in Henderson, Nev. He was 71. The death was confirmed by his son, Jimmy Castor Jr.

As leader of the Jimmy Castor Bunch, the elder Castor combined funk and adolescent humor with such novelty songs as “Troglodyte (Cave Man),” a No. 6 Billboard pop hit in 1972, and “The Bertha Butt Boogie” two years later. Mr. Castor’s records featured a recurring cast of characters, including a caveman who chants the mantra “gotta find a woman, gotta find a woman,” and the irrepressible, full-figured dancer Bertha Butt.(Washington Post)

You can see him perform it himself, too, if you prefer:
Lotta greezy bass playing back in the seventies. Thumb and slap sorta ruined it in the eighties. Hope there are lots of cavewomen in heaven for you to dance with, Jimmy.


Gagdad Bob said...

I'll be flying my freak flag at half mast.

Casey Klahn said...

Here's where I get to say, "right on!" May he RIP.

Sixty Grit said...

Man, that was some serious funk. Hurtful!

Sam L. said...

I didn't remember this ustil the got to the "hair comes off" bit.

Thud said...

I'd be more bothered by the fact that upon discovering bats in a structure all work must stop upon pain of huge fines and possible capital punishment,strangeley I've never found any...honest.

Thud said...

wrong post!

Chris said...

The guys get coats.

Baby M said...

About three or four years ago, I was substitute teaching a law school class and I used the four Butt sisters--Bertha, Betty, Bella, and Bathsheeba--as examples in a hypothetical. NOBODY got the reference.

I felt so old.

@Casey, I see your "Right on!" and raise you a couple of "Hot pants!"