Sunday, December 18, 2011

How To Operate A Model T

A kindly man with a vapor trail of museums and sponsors and institutions behind him explains how to drive a Model T.

Explains it to you, I mean. I already know how to drive a Model T, of course. It involves, like so many things in this world that turn out well, being friendly first.
Drove around for a half an hour down one green allee after another, my little son under my arm in the tufted leather back seat of that car; a car just seven years short of one hundred years old, with no roof but the trees and no care in the world. It was like robbing a museum.

Is There Hay In Your Bed Today?

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Jean said...

Another wonderful telling, Mr. Sippican.
Thanks for linking to it. Was written before I found you here.
I should dig through more of your archives.